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Euro Lottery Online

Play Euro Lottery Online today and win loads of money easily. Our service has been created to help players play the game conveniently even if they are not living in Euro-lottery jurisdiction. We take your order and get the ticket for you from the certified retailer and everything else we will take care on your behalf. It doesn’t matter where you live, you are allowed to play your favorite Euro Lottery Online games safe and securely with us.

If you are the possible jackpot winner, then immediately we will inform you through our speedy email alert service, and our VIP officials will contact you immediately to explain the rules and regulations to claim your prize money. We will automatically credit your prize money to your account or wire-transfer your money to your chosen bank account.

Euro Lottery is one of the largest jackpot lottery games in Europe. To play Euro Lottery, you just need to select 5 number from 1-50 and you have to select 2 lucky-stars from 1-11. You can play Euro Million Jackpot lottery every week on Tuesday and also on Friday. Paris is the place where the draw takes place, and 5 numbers plus 2 lucky-stars are drawn. To win a prize you should match at least 2 main numbers.

Fourteen European countries participate in Euro-Jackpot including Spain and Germany. Sometime back, Euro Lottery was played by the people who lived in these 14 countries. But now with our effort and dedicated service, we made Euro Lottery Online available for all the players, now they can play their favorite game from any part of the world.

You can play the most famous, richest and biggest lotteries globally. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you are playing. LOTTOSEND.com makes it easy for you, now you can play your favorite game from all over the world. The world’s exciting draws includes Euro Millions, Mega Millions, and USA Powerball, etc.

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To play the game you must have an online account. To register an account takes a minute. Choose your desired numbers and remaining task we will do for you.

"Ship My Ticket" service

If you want to receive the actual lotto ticket, utilize our “Ship My Ticket” service, we ship your ticket to your preferred address, so that you will be 100 percent sure that your ticket is secured.

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